Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

My sweet baby's 2 today!

I can't believe it. Well, really I can, but I just can't believe it! Haha. I'm silly, I know. I'm just so proud of my kids.

Anyway, we had THE Birthday party this weekend. It was a crowd in our house that we haven't seen since about a year ago this time. hehe.

He got great presents and I got rid of a bunch of baby stuff/toys we had. Dena took it all home. I know she was not happy with hauling everything, but it sure will make things easier down the road. She isn't having to buy very much - just really clothes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I got an A

in my English class!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!

We won't talk about my C in Biology. I wonder what would have happened if I'd studied.....

Guess we'll see next semester.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


This past Friday, after Josh woke up from his nap, he and I headed up to Dena's. She got off early, so we did some shopping, met Lisa, ate dinner, had ice cream and I headed home. It was a really good time with good friends and good food.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Who would have ever thought we could come together over warts???

Crazy, right?

My stepson and I have a strained relationship (understatement). He holds me personally responsible for him not living with his mother. He has come out and said before that if I would just "talk to Dad", he would just move him down there. I've come to understand that he truly believes that I am the only thing standing in between him and unbelieveable happiness.

Anyway, he spent the week of Thanksgiving with his mother and just came home Sunday night. As usual, we have the time of adjusting back to living where life is so awful. Monday night, we were out running errands/grocery shopping and we had yet another conversation about him living where he's most unhappy.

History: Cody has some really bad warts on his hand. I took him to the doctor just before he went for Thanksgiving and she froze them. She said to buy an over the counter freezing kit and start it when he came back from San Antonio.

Fast forward: Tonight was youth group for the boys. Cody came out to the van telling me that he had been at the alter praying and Pastor Billy came up with tears running down his face and his hands shaking. He said Pastor Billy told him that he felt that the Lord really had something special for Cody and wanted to pray with/for him. Before he told me that, he asked me if Pastor Billy and I were good friends or something. It's funny how God will use somebody who is an aquaintance, but not a "friend" for such things. The Holy Spirit is awesome!

Once we got home, I'm freezing his warts and our conversation goes to what God could have for him and on to him being able to be blessed means he needs to be in God's will. On from there to where God wants him to live and why. On from there to that we don't dislike or hate his mom, but want God's will for him and a godly example. He was so receptive and really pleasant. I really, truly feel like God got through to him tonight.

Who would have known that God could use warts for His good? I mean, He says He can use anything and He means it.

God is good...
All the time!