Wednesday, April 27, 2011

God's Sovereignty

This has been on my heart alot lately. I've been reading blogs that make statements over and over that they don't know why God allows this or that. This is a misunderstanding of God's sovereignty. Is God sovereign? Absolutely. Does mainstream Christianity misunderstand His sovereignty? Absolutely. It breaks my heart to hear God indirectly blamed for "allowing" things that happen to happen. He does not. It is not His will for a baby to die. It's not His will for bad things to happen. Tornadoes are not His will. Tsunamis are not His will. Things are not His will simply because they happen. It makes me so sad when people think that a person is put through horrible things so that they can learn something, or so that somebody else can learn something. Would you make something horrible happen to your child just so they could learn something? Absolutely not. God is no child abuser either.

Being sovereign means to have supreme rank or authority. Yes, God is sovereign. But being in supreme rank or authority does not mean that you are in control of everything. Does anything happen that God does not know happens? Absolutely not. He knows all. Just because He knows something happens does not mean He caused it by allowing it. Does it happen outside of His will? Lots of things do. The Bible clearly states that it is His will that none should perish, but all should be brought to repentance. We know this does not always happen, so in following this line of thinking - not all things that are God's will happen.

I used to struggle with this. And struggle. And stuggle. I was taught that because God is "sovereign", and nothing happens that He doesn't know, inadvertantly, His will is always played out. It is such a hard concept to grasp when most people are filled to overflowing with bad doctrine. I was there. I know how hard it is to renew your mind in mainstream churches.

We live in a fallen world. Some things just happen because of that. We also have an enemy who is here to steal, kill and destroy. Some things happen because of that. We live in ignorance. Some things happen because of that. We are responsible for so much more than we really know. We have authority over so much more than we understand.

When God placed man in the Garden, He gave man authority over the Earth. He never retracted that authority. God is sovereign, yes, but man has been given the authority to subdue the Earth. When man was deceived and sinned, he gave satan a right to some of that authority. When Jesus rose from the grave, He took back all authority in Heaven and Earth. When Jesus left the Earth, He gave that authority back to those who are in Him. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we are restored to our authority, but only in Christ.

I know this came off as sort of a rant, but it's just burning inside of me!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had no school for the Easter holiday. I worked 9-3:30 and David worked 4:30-10 or something like that. Anyway, in between we had to shuffle Josh. David just came up to Albertson's and we did the switch-off there. Which worked out well because I ended up getting off a bit late, so it would have thrown the whole hour window thingy way off.

Josh and I went to Wendy's and got a Frosty on the way home. After that, we stopped at the post office. While sitting at a red light, there was an suv next to me with two young guys in it. They were laughing, music blaring and shouting something at me. I had glanced over at them for just a second before they started yelling at me. I have no idea what they were saying, but I know it wasn't nice.

I simply sat facing forward and began to pray in the Spirit. After a few minutes of this (longest light in the world), Joshua asked me if I would just roll his window down because they were talking to us. I told him that it wouldn't roll down, so he said ok. Pretty soon, I hear this sweet little voice singing "Jesus Loves Me" kinda' loudly. It was sooo cute! He was making up verses and singing "God makes me so happy..." Oh, my goodness, how I love this kid!

I do not have any idea what makes some people act like those guys did in that suv, but I'm so very thankful that my sweet baby boy has no clue that people in the world are ugly like that. He just thought they were trying to tell us something. And then to just sing like that. So free! It's amazing to listen to him and how he is. He is so secure with where he stands and just simply believes what he's told. Childlike faith is amazing to see in action - especially when it's someone as precious as Josh. I know that's how our Father looks at us. He wants us to simply believe in Him like Josh believes in the world he lives in that revolves around God and his Mama and Daddy. It's just amazing to think about.

I wanna be more like Josh.

Monday, April 25, 2011

some thoughts and lasterday or lastmornin'

So, the job is going alright I guess. On Friday, I got my first check. It wasn't much, but it was only for a few hours. David brought Joshua up there on Friday afternoon to pick up my check and he said that I did not belong there. He said I belong at home. I asked him if I belonged at school and he said yes, but not at that store. I belong at home and school. I told him that we need to pray for the right job to come for Daddy and I'll be back at home quicker than he can say I belong there.

Every time Joshua is trying to express that something happened yesterday or this morning, you guessed it - it's lasterday or lastmornin'. It is so cute! I just didn't want to forget him saying it that way. He's such a sweet little boy. I just can't imagine not having him around.

School's almost out for the year. Wow! I can't believe everything has gone so quickly. The second year class just got back from their mission trip and will give talks about it tomorrow. I'm super duper excited to hear everything that the Lord did in Germany! It's gonna be amazing!

Speaking of second year, I'm about to get to trade my blue first year lanyard in for a green second year lanyard! That's so stinkin' exciting! I love Charis Bible College. Just love it! I can't imagine being anywhere else right now.

Joshua is obsessed with Star Wars. He loves it. I borrowed The Empire Strikes Back from the library the other day and I would think he's watched it no less than 18 times. Seriously.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

So, I got a job

First one in 5 years. Actually 5 years exactly this month. Crazy, huh? I interviewed with a company that needs people to pass out fliers. Sounds like a great idea and I wanted to do it, but truly, I can't work every single day. I need to work longer hours, less days, if that makes sense. So, I applied a million and one places, knowing that I really wanted to work customer service or as a cashier or something. Albertson's called me yesterday and asked me if I could come in today. I met with the manager early this morning (6:30) and took the drug test this afternoon. After my background check comes in and the drug test results are back, I'll have orientation scheduled. I will be working the Customer Service area. I'll do money orders, vidoes, cigarettes, that kind of stuff. I truly have mixed emotions about it. I love being at home and being at the disposal of whatever is needed here. Love it. Truly do. But it is necessary right now to work and I am excited about it. I hate the thought of leaving Joshua more, but I know that he needs to do a little bit of letting go of some apron strings. I need to pray about this and make sure I handle everything correctly. I don't want him to feel pushed off, but I need him to get a little better about me leaving him some. He has a horrible time at church. He's fine once I leave, but there's this huge, silly buildup thing that he does. He hates it. Anyway, all for now.