Wednesday, April 06, 2011

So, I got a job

First one in 5 years. Actually 5 years exactly this month. Crazy, huh? I interviewed with a company that needs people to pass out fliers. Sounds like a great idea and I wanted to do it, but truly, I can't work every single day. I need to work longer hours, less days, if that makes sense. So, I applied a million and one places, knowing that I really wanted to work customer service or as a cashier or something. Albertson's called me yesterday and asked me if I could come in today. I met with the manager early this morning (6:30) and took the drug test this afternoon. After my background check comes in and the drug test results are back, I'll have orientation scheduled. I will be working the Customer Service area. I'll do money orders, vidoes, cigarettes, that kind of stuff. I truly have mixed emotions about it. I love being at home and being at the disposal of whatever is needed here. Love it. Truly do. But it is necessary right now to work and I am excited about it. I hate the thought of leaving Joshua more, but I know that he needs to do a little bit of letting go of some apron strings. I need to pray about this and make sure I handle everything correctly. I don't want him to feel pushed off, but I need him to get a little better about me leaving him some. He has a horrible time at church. He's fine once I leave, but there's this huge, silly buildup thing that he does. He hates it. Anyway, all for now.

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Tracy said...

Katie, THANKS so much for the tip on the roast!! I will definitely give it a try!