Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I had a nice long post about last Thursday all written up and saved to finish. I just now decided that I didn't wanna do that.

There is no way to express all the works that the Lord is doing on the inside of me. It has nothing to do with feelings, although the feelings feel good. It has everything to do with revelation of who He is and His love for me. It really all boils down to that.

I've heard the school referred to as a "greenhouse" of sorts. I can see that. It's definitely an awesome environment that fosters major growth. I love our class. We are getting to know people and it feels more and more like family.

God has been showing us so much! We are definitely at the end of ourselves and He's been coming through. He's been allowing people the opportunity to gift money to us. We've had everything we've needed. I know there's still a miracle on our horizon that's coming. I'm not concerned - He's proven Himself faithful on every level.

We've had so many lessons...my head is spinning and we're only in our fourth week. The relationships and truths being built and grown here are beyond belief.

I'm so blessed! Blessed and highly favored of the Lord, to be exact.

Praise God through whom all blessings flow.

I would love to put my notes here, but I don't think I could get them all out. We go through enough material for a full Sunday sermon in about 10 minutes of each lesson. And we have 3-4 lessons per day that are 50 minutes in length.

When asked what we've learned for the day, all I can do is shake my head. There's no way to express it - you can only experience it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Do you ever

feel chastised by your electronic devices? Seriously. The stupid (well, I guess not so stupid) printer was not powering up. We've had the power go off a couple of times in the last few days, so I thought there might be something up. I pushed all the normal buttons, like "OK" and "power"...all the ones that would normally initiate something. Nothing. So, I pulled the plug and plugged it back in. Still, nothing. So, I pulled the plug from the printer itself and when I plugged it back in, it came on. It came on with a message, though about how it is unsafe to use the plug as a power up and down switch. What? I felt like I had really just ticked off the printer and it was trying to politely tell me.

Another thing about this printer - I believe it will outlive me. It does "device maintenance" more than I maintain myself. Somebody at our printer manufacturer's office is enjoying the fact that they made these to maintain and chastise to the point of driving somebody nuts.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Joshua lied

We had a first today.

Joshua has been having some difficulties...um...aiming...in the restroom. He tends to not pay attention, not pull his underwear down and then pees on the floor and wall. He always comes and tells me and usually he gets in trouble because he knows what is going on. He knows to pay attention, pull his underwear all the way down and "pee in the water".

This morning, he came out of the bathroom and told me that "ummm....Mommy....ummmm....Jacob peed on the wall". Not exactly the truth. And he did get a spanking, followed by a 3 year old level of discussion on lying. He got it. I know it won't be the last time, but he got it today.

In other news, school is still amazing. I am falling head over heels in love with the Word of God.

In still other news, Wayne Keith Terry III "Trey" is here! He was born at 2:54 yesterday afternoon. Julie did great! Keith did great! And Trey is really sweet. Trace was sooo happy with him. I'm honored to have been able to come see him before he was even 30 minutes old. He's gorgeous!

Monday, September 13, 2010

my heart

I wish I could take a snapshot of my heart now and in two years from now. They won't be recognizable as the same thing. It's amazing. Really. I would love to be able to convey the work being done on the inside of me.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

What a day!

I love school!

I have tried to type the next line over and over and it never comes out just right. Seriously, I've deleted a line about 10 times. I don't know what to say, but wanna say it all in one long breath!

I feel like I simply cannot contain all that God is pouring in. But it's such an amazingly good feeling! I'm feeling a bit like a junkie. I've got so much to do around our house and all I really wanna do is read Job and 2 Peter. Too funny.

We had 3 lessons today. The first one was Barry Bennett (I think that's his name). The second was Andrew and the third was Lawson Perdue. Barry Bennett is awesome and I loved his lesson. We actually watched him online just before school started, so were really excited that they've added him to the teachings.

Such good stuff!

And God showed us what's missing. We've been praying about it. Specifically for him to teach us - give us knowledge of how to release the blessings and provision that he's given us. It's quite simple, really, but we've missed it all along. We have had the word from God in our hearts about Charis and that he would provide for us once we were here. We've mixed it with faith and actions. But we never released that power in our lives by speaking it. We've got it now, though. And we will continue to seek the Lord and speak it.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Charis Bible College

Well, today was day 2. I'm really loving it, even though we really haven't done very much. There is a feeling of family just as soon as you're there for 5 minutes. Everybody says it will be that way for the rest of our lives. I believe it. I know we're making friends that we'll have forever.

Yesterday we went through a bunch of administrative stuff. Today we did a little bit of admin stuff and then had two lessons. The first was taught by Andrew and it was on prayer. Specifically, a better way to pray. The second one was a survey of the Old Testament. Wendell Parr was the teacher. At least I think that was his name. He went through most of the books of the Old Testament and showed how there are types and shadows of Jesus through-out.

I know the Lord told us to be here. And I know he told us to do it the way we are. I also know His provision is here somewhere, we just haven't seen it yet. We have an appointment to talk to the Director about our financials. Wow, have we got financial stuff to talk about. We're waiting on God. We don't know what else to do.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Joshua's Pull-ups

Joshua has reached the age where he's no longer needing night time diapers. We've moved on to night time pullups.

I went to Target two nights ago and bought, for the first time, a pack of night time pullups, size 3t-4t. I came home and at bedtime opened them up. We were surprised to find the beautiful Disney princesses on them. And the pink. Man, are they pink. I thought it was pretty funny, so of course, I facebooked it.

Well, I put one on him because they were already opened and he had to wear something to bed. Plus, I figured, there's only one package and then they'll be gone. And nobody will see them unless they look in his pajamas. For kicks, though, I sent Josh in to the bathroom to "show Daddy his butt".

David took one look at them and said, "Well, that's just not right". I thought that was hilarious.

This morning, my sweet boy got out of the bed and came to our room to find me. Every morning he does this and announces that he's wet. I always ask him if his pajamas are wet. His answer this morning was, "No, I just peed on the princess".

It was really funny.