Monday, October 27, 2008


Why do I have to have a kid who won't sleep? I know it sounds so pitiful and whiney, but I'm so tired of it. He'll rock along just fine for a few weeks, then for several nights in a row, just refuses to sleep. It all starts with a nap strike, then moves on to crying in the night, and finally on to staying up for about 3-4 hours per night. I complain, but it is truly so very much better than it used to be. I do remember where we came from just since March, but it's still maddening.

David's parents were here this weekend. They came on Friday evening and left this morning. Joshua kept the entire house up all three nights. I'm sure they're exhausted from him.

I hate not being able to go anywhere. It's worse every time we've tried to spend the night away from home to the point that I just won't. I hate that I am the only person who can put the kid to bed. I can't ever leave.

I love my child so very much that it hurts. I adore him. He's so precious and sweet. I love watching him grow and change. That said, I do not miss him being a baby. I don't miss not sleeping and sitting up with a crying baby all night. He was not colicky - he simply would not be put down.

I tried letting him cry it out, along with so many other things that my head spins and nothing worked for so long. I don't know if I really found the "magic" combination of things, or if he just grew into sleeping through the night. It really doesn't matter, but when he goes through a few days like this - not napping and up during the night - I revert directly back to that mindset that I had during that first 15 months. It's like I'm shell-shocked or something.

I shouldn't complain about it at all. I know he's healthy and happy and beautiful. I know of so many Mamas who don't get to have their babies with them for whatever reasons. I do not take him for granted, just feel a little tortured sometimes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

22 months old

I can't believe he's almost 2. Just can't believe it. He's gotten so big, so fast.

Mom bought him some footy-pajamas for an early birthday present and I told her to get 3T's. When I got home from school tonight, I picked up one of them and thought that there was absolutely no way he could wear something that BIG, but guess what he's sleeping in. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

It's amazing how fast they grow up. I know that's cliche', but it's true. I look at Jake who's so tall and handsome - how he looks nothing like a boy, and all like a teenager now and just can't believe it. He's just 3 months away from being 13.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Yesterday, David had football on the tv while we were getting ready for our Bible study. Joshua kept getting in a crouching position, waiting a few seconds and then popping up and running. We finally put together what he was doing and caught it on video a few times. It was hilarious! Cody and David decided to do it with him and it was so cute.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cheering on the Lobos!

Joshua had been quite the little cheerleader at Cody's games lately. When I figured out what he was doing, he kinda' quit, but I got a little clip of him.

this morning

Wow. I just needed to come home and go to bed I guess.

I got up this morning and took the cupcakes I'd made really late last night to school for the boys. Their teachers were very happy with me and I get to do it again for Jake's class at least on Oct. 30. That's fine.

After that, Josh and I headed to The Colony to get the tags for the van. I got all the way down there and my wallet wasn't in my purse. I figured out it was still in my school bag at home, so we came home to get it. We headed back and called David on the way to see if he wanted to eat lunch with us. He did, so we were going to get the tags and meet him. Ok. I get into the tag office and there is somebody with both cashiers, so Josh and I were waiting. I had a sudden shocking realization that I left the insurance card in the van, so out we went. We got back inside and no kidding, there were 8 people who had come in while we were in the van and the same two were still with the cashiers. We had to pick up Jake at 1, so couldn't wait and still get lunch. grrrr. So, now the baby's sleeping, Jake is on the couch, David's sleeping and we have not gotten the tags yet. I absolutely have to do it today because I'll have too many extra children with me next week.

On a different note, David's hours are changing. He will be working M-F from 2-10 pm. He's really excited about it and I'm happy that he's happy. He'll have every weekend off and that helps so very much with all the ballgames we have.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I have lots of things I wanna blog. Let's see if I can get to them today.