Monday, January 31, 2011

I think I should say...

I am not happy with this sugar rush feeling I have. My head is almost achy and I am starting to feel a bit irritable.

Please, Lord, remind me of this feeling when I want more ice cream cake. Or anything else sweet for that matter. It's not a happy feeling and I don't like it.

Things really change drastically when you get off all the crappy foods and eat healthy for a while. I think I like the healthy way better.


I'm pretty sure that ice cream cake wasn't on the FFP. Oops. Oh, well. What do you do when you fall off the horse? You just jump back in the saddle.

I read one of the moderators on the message board say that you should pay really close attention to your body and it's cravings. I think I missed something. I've been really, really craving different foods yesterday and today. I should have moved on to the 2nd phase yesterday, I think, even though it hasn't been quite two weeks. Almost, but not quite.

But...NO condemnation! I am not going to worry about it. I will do fine, even with a little bump in the road.

On to other things...

Tomorrow it's supposed to be record-breaking cold. There's supposed to be serious ice with snow on top. I think we'll be home for a few days. I stopped by the store and got a few things for FFP and just in general. I called David and asked him if there was anything he needed - like food or something. He told me he thought I should get firewood and some fireplace tools. Um, ok. So I embarked.

I stopped at Target thinking this was a no-brainer. I could get cranberry juice (surely they'd have organic, nothing-but-the-juice juice, right?), Ezekiel Bread (if not, whole foods is right there), and fireplace tools. I could stop somewhere and grab a couple little bundles of firewood after that just anywhere. I was so wrong. Just like always when it comes to Target. I can never find anything there unless I just wanna browse. Or get a card. Or maybe a child's birthday present. Otherwise, it just doesn't work for me. I should learn.

From there, I went to Whole Foods and I just love that store! I wish we could afford to get everything there. I would go every few days and just buy what we need for a few days. I really, really want our family to eat better. We're heading that way.

Next was Albertson's (for firewood), Home Depot and then Lowe's. Everybody is out of fireplace tools. Seriously, each store I went to told me they just sold out. Like 15 minutes before I got there. At Lowe's, I talked to a guy about gas fire logs. He didn't have any that would work in our fireplace that were the right size, so I moved on. David and I talked about it and decided to try a store in Allen called Firehouse. I headed that way.

Stacy's furniture is in the same parking lot and they had a sign out saying their fire logs were on sale, so I stopped in. I talked to a really nice sales lady who basically said that we weren't going to find what we were looking for. She said we were looking at about a $400 cost for what we wanted and they would install it. I told her thanks and left.

At Firehouse, I told the guy that we weren't really looking for pretty, more like, if the electricity goes out, we can have something in the fireplace rather than wood that will put out some heat. (I should interject here that Stacy's had fireplace tools for $190.00. No, thank you.) I told him we didn't want the whole kit, just the logs. He said he could split a kit, but for our logs alone it would still run about $125.00. (I should interject here that I had prayed between Stacy's and the Firehouse for favor because this was really getting old.) He perked up and said to wait a minute. He had some in the back that were pulled down from a display and were used, but I could have them for $50.00. That rocks!

So now we have a fire in the fireplace. It's not as pretty as a professional job, but it's there and looks fine. The only difference is the flames underneath are not covered up. I don't care.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jacob is 15!!!

It's hard to believe I can have a 15 year old. I mean, aren't I just out of high school? I guess not...

Our friends from Wichita Falls came in for the weekend. I will have to do a whole post on Connie. She is a very interesting subject.

We spent Friday evening at home. David and I babysat and then they got here. We hung out and then went to bed. Saturday we went to the Arbor Glen Nature Preserve in Plano. It's such a beautiful place. Then Saturday night, we went to church. Sandra came up and rode with us. After church, we had to make a Walmart run. Carol was planning to make Jacob a Birthday lunch and I needed to get Jake's ice cream for his cake. He picked out his three flavors and we came home. I put the cake together and went to bed.

The girls got up at 2:58 to be the first to wish Jake a happy birthday. It was cute and funny. I had to go to church today to work in the media. Carol made lunch and we had cake.

After Joshua's nap, we'll head over to Mom and Dad's for a few hours.

I guess this post is more of a chronicle of Jake's birthday than anything. I still can't believe he's 15.

Friday, January 28, 2011

God is amazing!

Well, our house is paid for until the end of Feb. I took the cashier's check to the attorney yesterday that took it out of foreclosure and re-instated our loan.

David had a phone screening with Sears for a Logistics Supervisor job that will be awesome. He is supposed to hear from them today as to if and when they want a formal interview.

The FFP is awesome. I am at 8 pounds as of this morning. Good stuff! And I feel so awesome!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I feel great!

I am loving this diet. Seriously. It's amazing. I feel like about a million bucks. My snoring is even better. I am not sure what I was eating that was causing a constant bit of drainage - not a lot, just a bit (probably dairy), but it is completely gone. I have never breathed so well in my life. I've lost about 7 pounds. That's seriously like almost a pound a day. Amazing. I know alot of it is water weight, but I feel so, so, so much better! I can also wear the next size down in jeans. I could squeeze them on before, but they certainly weren't comfortable. They are now, and my jeans a size bigger (which were baggy a bit anyway) no longer fit!

I'm so excited about how good I feel. David quit, but Sandra is loving it too. My stomach hasn't been happier. I have not had a single episode of indigestion, or even been a bit uncomfortable.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A quote from Joseph Prince...

"When you ask yourself, “Do I have enough faith?” you have already put faith as a hindrance between you and Jesus’ finished work. The more you focus on your faith, the more faith slips away. But if you focus on the finished work of Christ and see God’s grace toward you, God sees that as faith! Without realizing it, faith is there in your heart to believe that you will not die of what Christ Himself has already borne away completely for you, and you will see your miracle manifest!" - Joseph Prince

A while back, I realized that I had a sort of a hindrance with believing whether or not I had enough faith. If I sat there and pondered that, I could even bring myself to the point of asking if God was even real. That's kinda' scary, really.

I know it sounds crazy, but I prayed for a while that God would just prove Himself. Not so much in those words, but that was my prayer. He has, over and over, but He started by saying telling me to just not look at that doubt, and look to Him. As I look to Him, all else melts away and makes perfect sense.

I hadn't even thought about my original hangup about whether God was real or not until I read this. I know this quote is actually talking about healing, but the premise is the same - me looking to my faith got in the way. All I have to do is look to the finished work of Jesus. Just like the serpent in the wilderness - they had to look to it, and not to circumstances or anything else.

Oh, how He loves us!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Matthew 23:26

I got up and went to church by myself this morning. Joshua didn't want to go, and David wanted to sleep in. The boys had been last night, so they slept in. I wasn't sure if I was working or not, so I kinda' needed to make sure.

Duane talked about holiness. He made the statement that it is possible to be holy and not love God, but it is impossible to love God and others and not be holy. The Pharisees proved that you can be holy and not love God. There was not a holier group of people. But if you love God and others, holiness follows. It's just the nature of it. That was a bonus. :-)

When we started the FFP, David made the comment that he sees it as a fast, not as a diet. I agreed. Sandra agreed. I believe the Lord led us to the FFP simply because of the nature of it. It is designed to clean the organs that filter your system, in a nutshell. The idea is to get the liver, kidneys and lymph system running cleanly and correctly and the rest of your body will follow suite. This lines up with all we've been learning about the Word. Your changes come from the inside. As you renew your mind, the rest follows. The desire to take care of myself comes from sitting under the Word that renews. It just follows. Effortlessly.

In Matt 23:26, Jesus was talking to the Pharisees. He said to cleanse the inside of the cup and the plate so that the outside may be clean also. I know he wasn't talking about a diet, but He still spoke a Truth that can be applied. As we cleanse the inside of our bodies, the outside will follow.

During the 2nd and 3rd days, I had a headache. I know it was a caffiene and sugar detox headache and I did not like it. Well, it rather just plain sucked. Anyway, during that time I realized that I do not want to be putting anything in my body that causes me to have a headache if I don't eat it. That's just plain silly and I don't want to be bound by anything on any level.

Oh, and I've lost 4 pounds. David's lost 7. Punk.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

just some thoughts...

Joshua and I decided to stay home from church tonight. I don't have to work until tomorrow and he just likes to be home. That's ok with me. I didn't have to get dressed all day.

I've been reading a really cool book about Comanche's that my friend, Sandra, let me borrow. I love it!

Today I woke up feeling awesome! And then now I think I could crash and it's not even 6:00 pm. Which is another reason for staying home. Plus I haven't wanted to snack at all this whole time and now I really, really do. I considered church to keep me from the pantry. I'm doing alright, though, just really wanna snack on something. I can always make a smoothie in a minute. hmmm...

I went to Jacob's basketball game last night and was impressed with the referees. They completely ignore all the chatter from everyone. Even the coaches. They are sure about their calls and authority. There is a parallel with that and our walk in authority. I haven't pondered it too much yet, but I know there is. It makes all the difference to understand who you are in Christ and to walk in that authority. It comes with renewing the mind.

Speaking of renewing the mind...that's been the theme here lately. Duane's been talking about it and being established in righteousness. I am the righteousness of Christ. I am the head and not the tail. I am the front and not the rear. I am blessed and highly favored of the Lord. I am a priest and I reign. I have the mind of Christ. As Christ is, so am I in this world! I get fired up over it.

Joshua is so cute. He's watching Larry Boy on his new portable dvd player that looks like Lightning McQueen. It's funny how a 4 year old's mind works. He's so smart. And so little. And he loves his Mama. I would keep him like this if I could, but I've said that at every age so far. Minus the no-sleeping for 15 months. But who kept track of that?

Ok, gonna go watch Larry Boy save Bumbleeburg from the Yodelnappers. Important stuff.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fat Flush Plan - Day 3

I weighed this morning and am down 3 pounds. That's pretty cool! I'm sure it's alot of water weight, but that's ok.

I'm not too excited about the flax seed oil. It's not that great, but in a berry smoothie, it's not bad at all. It actually adds some richness and creaminess to it.

I believe my tastes are going to change dramatically through this plan. I have not been hungry even once in the past 3 days. This morning, I had to make myself eat breakfast, and am now going strong on the cran water.

Time for a smoothie...

Oh - David had an interview with Cabela's in Allen this morning. They told him they'd call in two to three weeks. We'll see. I know God has the perfect job for him lined up for the perfect time. I am at rest in the fact that God is my Provider. He is amazing and the miracles we've seen to this point are just amazing.

Oh - and I love Joseph Prince!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fat Flush Plan - Day 2

I forgot to weigh this morning. By the time I had, which was after breakfast, a smoothie, and a whole bunch of cran water, I show down about a pound. I'm thinking more than that, even in a day, but I'll check in the morning.

It's not so difficult. I have had a pretty ugly headache today, but it's not forever, so I'll live. I love the smoothies! I really don't like the flax seed oil, but I don't mind it in the smoothie.

I made a really awesomely yummy soup yesterday that I'm sure will be a part of our normal foods that we eat for a long time. I also baked some turkey breast that I almost can't keep my hands out of.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fat Flush Plan - Day 1

I've had my eggs, long life cocktail and lemon water this morning. I have my cran water all set out and ready to go and I'm about to leave for school.

We are going to do this and do it right. I want this process to go for about a month and then move into phase 2 and get signed up with a local farm for a CSA.

A CSA is a local farm that you would buy a "share" from on a monthly basis. Each week, you receive a bag or box of seasonal produce as a sort of profit sharing plan. That's the best way I can describe it anyway. I'm excited and checking out local farms to see what to do to get started.

It's time for a life-style change in the way we eat around here. I believe this urge to change is coming as a fruit of sitting under the word so much. The Lord reveals places that need to change and we just want to do it.

Note to self: drink lemon water before brushing my teeth....blech.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great weekend!

I got to spend some quality time with my new friend, Sandra. I just love her! And I have discovered Chuy's! Right before we start the Fat Flush Plan. Oh, well...

I am so happy to be back in the swing of things with school. It's awesome, awesome, awesome. There are so many good things on the horizon personally and with the school.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


How can I have let Joshua's Birthday go by without a post? I mean, I don't have any pictures because my camera had disappeared, but no post at least? How horrible is that.

Well, Joshua turned 4 on 12-22. He woke up that morning and I told him Happy Birthday and that he is 4 now. He argued with me. He said he was 3 and it was NOT his birthday. Ok. We went back and forth for a few minutes, but he was unconvincable.

Later that day, he had a Toy Story cake and 4 green candles (his green color). We sang to him and then he announced that he is 4 now! So, so funny. I guess when you're 3 or 4, your birthday is actually marked by cake and singing, not by the date. Makes sense.

Oh, and we were in Wichita Falls visiting the sweet Bennett family for a few days when he turned 4.