Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm pretty sure that ice cream cake wasn't on the FFP. Oops. Oh, well. What do you do when you fall off the horse? You just jump back in the saddle.

I read one of the moderators on the message board say that you should pay really close attention to your body and it's cravings. I think I missed something. I've been really, really craving different foods yesterday and today. I should have moved on to the 2nd phase yesterday, I think, even though it hasn't been quite two weeks. Almost, but not quite.

But...NO condemnation! I am not going to worry about it. I will do fine, even with a little bump in the road.

On to other things...

Tomorrow it's supposed to be record-breaking cold. There's supposed to be serious ice with snow on top. I think we'll be home for a few days. I stopped by the store and got a few things for FFP and just in general. I called David and asked him if there was anything he needed - like food or something. He told me he thought I should get firewood and some fireplace tools. Um, ok. So I embarked.

I stopped at Target thinking this was a no-brainer. I could get cranberry juice (surely they'd have organic, nothing-but-the-juice juice, right?), Ezekiel Bread (if not, whole foods is right there), and fireplace tools. I could stop somewhere and grab a couple little bundles of firewood after that just anywhere. I was so wrong. Just like always when it comes to Target. I can never find anything there unless I just wanna browse. Or get a card. Or maybe a child's birthday present. Otherwise, it just doesn't work for me. I should learn.

From there, I went to Whole Foods and I just love that store! I wish we could afford to get everything there. I would go every few days and just buy what we need for a few days. I really, really want our family to eat better. We're heading that way.

Next was Albertson's (for firewood), Home Depot and then Lowe's. Everybody is out of fireplace tools. Seriously, each store I went to told me they just sold out. Like 15 minutes before I got there. At Lowe's, I talked to a guy about gas fire logs. He didn't have any that would work in our fireplace that were the right size, so I moved on. David and I talked about it and decided to try a store in Allen called Firehouse. I headed that way.

Stacy's furniture is in the same parking lot and they had a sign out saying their fire logs were on sale, so I stopped in. I talked to a really nice sales lady who basically said that we weren't going to find what we were looking for. She said we were looking at about a $400 cost for what we wanted and they would install it. I told her thanks and left.

At Firehouse, I told the guy that we weren't really looking for pretty, more like, if the electricity goes out, we can have something in the fireplace rather than wood that will put out some heat. (I should interject here that Stacy's had fireplace tools for $190.00. No, thank you.) I told him we didn't want the whole kit, just the logs. He said he could split a kit, but for our logs alone it would still run about $125.00. (I should interject here that I had prayed between Stacy's and the Firehouse for favor because this was really getting old.) He perked up and said to wait a minute. He had some in the back that were pulled down from a display and were used, but I could have them for $50.00. That rocks!

So now we have a fire in the fireplace. It's not as pretty as a professional job, but it's there and looks fine. The only difference is the flames underneath are not covered up. I don't care.

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