Saturday, January 15, 2011


How can I have let Joshua's Birthday go by without a post? I mean, I don't have any pictures because my camera had disappeared, but no post at least? How horrible is that.

Well, Joshua turned 4 on 12-22. He woke up that morning and I told him Happy Birthday and that he is 4 now. He argued with me. He said he was 3 and it was NOT his birthday. Ok. We went back and forth for a few minutes, but he was unconvincable.

Later that day, he had a Toy Story cake and 4 green candles (his green color). We sang to him and then he announced that he is 4 now! So, so funny. I guess when you're 3 or 4, your birthday is actually marked by cake and singing, not by the date. Makes sense.

Oh, and we were in Wichita Falls visiting the sweet Bennett family for a few days when he turned 4.

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