Saturday, January 22, 2011

just some thoughts...

Joshua and I decided to stay home from church tonight. I don't have to work until tomorrow and he just likes to be home. That's ok with me. I didn't have to get dressed all day.

I've been reading a really cool book about Comanche's that my friend, Sandra, let me borrow. I love it!

Today I woke up feeling awesome! And then now I think I could crash and it's not even 6:00 pm. Which is another reason for staying home. Plus I haven't wanted to snack at all this whole time and now I really, really do. I considered church to keep me from the pantry. I'm doing alright, though, just really wanna snack on something. I can always make a smoothie in a minute. hmmm...

I went to Jacob's basketball game last night and was impressed with the referees. They completely ignore all the chatter from everyone. Even the coaches. They are sure about their calls and authority. There is a parallel with that and our walk in authority. I haven't pondered it too much yet, but I know there is. It makes all the difference to understand who you are in Christ and to walk in that authority. It comes with renewing the mind.

Speaking of renewing the mind...that's been the theme here lately. Duane's been talking about it and being established in righteousness. I am the righteousness of Christ. I am the head and not the tail. I am the front and not the rear. I am blessed and highly favored of the Lord. I am a priest and I reign. I have the mind of Christ. As Christ is, so am I in this world! I get fired up over it.

Joshua is so cute. He's watching Larry Boy on his new portable dvd player that looks like Lightning McQueen. It's funny how a 4 year old's mind works. He's so smart. And so little. And he loves his Mama. I would keep him like this if I could, but I've said that at every age so far. Minus the no-sleeping for 15 months. But who kept track of that?

Ok, gonna go watch Larry Boy save Bumbleeburg from the Yodelnappers. Important stuff.

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Sierra said...

My favorite snack is some sauteed squash with a light spritz of olive oil cooking spray and lots of yummy Fat Flush approved seasonings :) It's good to have something warm and hearty to chow on! AND still feel good about :)