Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fat Flush Plan - Day 2

I forgot to weigh this morning. By the time I had, which was after breakfast, a smoothie, and a whole bunch of cran water, I show down about a pound. I'm thinking more than that, even in a day, but I'll check in the morning.

It's not so difficult. I have had a pretty ugly headache today, but it's not forever, so I'll live. I love the smoothies! I really don't like the flax seed oil, but I don't mind it in the smoothie.

I made a really awesomely yummy soup yesterday that I'm sure will be a part of our normal foods that we eat for a long time. I also baked some turkey breast that I almost can't keep my hands out of.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm started the fat flush smoothie shakedown this morning and I came across your blog, through the fat flush website. I just wanted to comment on how young you look, or at least your profile pic :) I thought you were around 14, so I kept thinking, why is she saying "my boys" this and "my boys" that. Then, I saw your profile, and it said you were a mom. Wow, you looks so young!!!