Friday, October 10, 2008

this morning

Wow. I just needed to come home and go to bed I guess.

I got up this morning and took the cupcakes I'd made really late last night to school for the boys. Their teachers were very happy with me and I get to do it again for Jake's class at least on Oct. 30. That's fine.

After that, Josh and I headed to The Colony to get the tags for the van. I got all the way down there and my wallet wasn't in my purse. I figured out it was still in my school bag at home, so we came home to get it. We headed back and called David on the way to see if he wanted to eat lunch with us. He did, so we were going to get the tags and meet him. Ok. I get into the tag office and there is somebody with both cashiers, so Josh and I were waiting. I had a sudden shocking realization that I left the insurance card in the van, so out we went. We got back inside and no kidding, there were 8 people who had come in while we were in the van and the same two were still with the cashiers. We had to pick up Jake at 1, so couldn't wait and still get lunch. grrrr. So, now the baby's sleeping, Jake is on the couch, David's sleeping and we have not gotten the tags yet. I absolutely have to do it today because I'll have too many extra children with me next week.

On a different note, David's hours are changing. He will be working M-F from 2-10 pm. He's really excited about it and I'm happy that he's happy. He'll have every weekend off and that helps so very much with all the ballgames we have.

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