Wednesday, April 18, 2007

general update so I can start blogging here....

Joshua is nearly 4 months old! It's crazy how fast time goes. He is so amazingly beautiful. Everybody thinks so and Everybody can't all be wrong, right? haha. I think he's getting a tooth. If he is, he sure is nice about it. He was crying yesterday for no apparant reason and rubbing his bottom gums shushed him really quickly. He gnaws on everything and drools even more than he used to. He is quite a home-body and loves just hanging out around the house. I can't blame him and don't have plans to go anywhere (except for a walk this afternoon maybe) today until church.

On to the other kiddos - Jacob and Cody will start baseball sometime soon. David and I are working out the logistics on $$ for it. (We're in Financial Peace University and everything has to come out of the budget somewhere). They are both homeschooling and I think it's very successful. There have been such positive changes in their attitudes this past school year and most of the time it is nice to have them home. Don't think I'm supermom, though, most of the credit for how well they do their school work is theirs. I simply make the lesson-plans and they do the rest.

Emily was with us over Spring Break and we went to Missouri to see my grandparents. We all had a blast, but especially Emily. We fished, rode 4-wheelers, had a hot dog roast, and hung out on the back porch. It was wonderful. I love the hangin' out on the back porch part with my grandparents the best. Mom, Dad and Karleigh were also there. I think Karleigh had a bit of an easier time there having Emily to play with.

We're getting out of the Air Force in November and I'm nervous, scared and maybe starting to get a little excited about it. We're not sure what we're going to do or where we're going to be, but we're trying to start getting some ideas together. It's also kind of sad because I really do love the Air Force and the life we've had.

Gonna' try to get dressed before a baby decides it's time to eat again.

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