Thursday, February 26, 2009


When school's going on - I just plain suck at posting. I haven't even really been taking pictures! I also figured out that I don't have any pictures of Joshua from January! I can't believe it. That is the first month of his whole life that I don't have 50 billion pictures. I guess it's all downhill from here....

School is crazy, but in a groove, I think. I've just got to get my Anatomy and Physiology under control. I have a wonderful lab instructor. I love her. My lecture instructor was just replaced with another lady who I like so far. She seems really organized and knowledgable. I am really liking my Lifespan Psychology class, much to my surprise, and am not the least bit interested in Math anymore. History is fun, but I'm not surprised.

Kids are good. Josh is talking like crazy. I love it. Jacob is in a contest to make an edible car, and I'm not really seeing how it's gonna make it. It's not even really started good, even though they have an idea of what they're gonna do. I'm not really hopeful. I guess I should be more enthusiastic and supportive, but he is on a team with three girls who just would really giggle and chit-chat than get to work. Compound that by the fact that they couldn't seem to organize a time to meet, and you have no car started yet. Poor kid.

Cody is fine. He's looking forward to getting to see his Mom this summer. I understand. I know he misses them down there.

Emily is coming for Spring Break. It will be fun to have her.

That's all for now.

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Laura said...

I am so proud of both you and Traci for going back to school! I know it can't be easy having your life established and then going back to a classroom. Way to go!