Saturday, November 06, 2010

Spirit, Soul and Body

I love this!

Our being consists of three parts. We have a spirit, soul and body.

The body is obvious. The soul is that part that is made up of our emotions and feelings. The spirit is the part of us that will live forever.

Upon our salvation, the spirit is sealed and made perfect like Jesus. Our soul has to be renewed to line up with the spirit and our body follows suite. The body is actually amoral and goes where it's told. If you don't renew your mind in the word to line up with your spirit, you will be double-minded.

The Bible is actually a mirror of what we have in our spirit. As we read the Bible, we can see what is already in us. We who are sealed, have raising from the dead power inside of us. That's amazing!

This is just a simple nutshell breakdown. There is soooo much more!

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