Monday, May 30, 2011

I don't even know

It's really late. I think my schedule is all jacked up.

Emily just got here today for her summer visit. She is so grown up. The boys have this week of school left and then I'll have Sophomores. That's so weird.

Josh is having a hard time adjusting to me working still. I think he's getting into a bit of a groove, but it's coming slowly. I think he'd have an easier time if I had a set schedule instead of being all over the map.

David needs to get a full time job. That would change so much.

I miss school already. I think I'm going to look at the schedules and try to make it a few days over the next few weeks to summer school. I hate the thought of going through the entire summer without class. No bueno.

We promoted. We're going to have green lanyards when school starts again! That's awesome! Mom and Dad went to the graduation/promotion ceremonies. It was nice. I think we'll have several people there next year.

Jacob hasn't talked to Ceth since his birthday. That's just stupid. I mean, who does that? And he hasn't seen him since Christmas. Equally as stupid. It's not fair for any kid, but when you have every parent's dream in a kid like Jacob? He's making a colossal mistake in missing out on Jake. Colossal.

Anyway, gonna try to go to bed. I have to work 1-10 tomorrow.

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