Monday, October 24, 2011


I totally never posted Homecoming pictures! Come to think of it, I totally haven't posted anything in a long time. On any of my blogs. Usually I'll make it to one of them about once a week, anyway. Oh, well, time marches on. I'm also behind on my Bible reading for school, but I'll get caught up soon. That's not a hard one. I can't go back and replace blog posts that are missing on their correct least I don't think I can. I did see somebody put a post up and call it a place-holder once so they could save the date. Maybe I should do that. Except I forget and then I'm right back where I started. See how my brain runs in circles? :-)

Homecoming. That's what I was talking about...

Carol brought Katie, Connie, Michelle and Rosey down for the weekend. Carol had to go back on Saturday, and took Katie and Michelle with her and Rosey and Connie stayed so Connie could go to the dance with Jacob Saturday night. I had the pleasure of keeping the two girls until Monday morning. So much fun!!!

Before I forget, we all went to Joshua's soccer game on Saturday. He is so very cute playing soccer!!! It was fun.

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