Friday, May 05, 2006


Yesterday afternoon I heard my cat growling in the kitchen. I came around the corner and she had her front two paws up on the side of the stove and was making those awful noises at the vent-a-hood. I looked at the vent-a-hood and saw a little squirrel nose and paw sticking out. He was making clucking noises at Ashley. She wasn't very happy about it, but is too fat and old to jump up there and get after him. I popped the little slidey thing closed and caught the tip of the squirrel's nose. I didn't hurt him, but startled him into hopping back up into the vent-a-hood a little farther. I called David and he gave me the number of who to call. I called and they said they'd come out. They didn't make it before regular work hours were up, so David called the after-hours number to get somebody to come get our little friend out. He came and put gloves on and reached up there and pulled him out.

Shortly after, I was folding laundry in our bedroom and hear David calling me from Jacob's room. I went in there and there was another little squirrel hanging out in Jacob's piles of stuff. Sooo...David sent me to call the after-hours number again and get somebody to come get it. In the meantime, we decided to try to shoo it out. It didn't work exactly as planned and ran across my feet on it's way under the bed. I screamed and everybody got quite the kick out of that.

We thought we would probably be seeing the same guy who came out before, but were surprised when the Security Police showed up. They both went back to Jake's room. It was funny to see. He picked up Jake's light saber and a teddy bear and went after the squirrel. In the process the light saber came on - lights and sounds and everything. The squirrel jumped to the top bunk and the guy swept the bed with the light saber. Just then, the squirrel launched himself from the top bunk, all the way across the room and landed in a box. The quick-thinking police officer threw his towel over the box, tossed the light saber in with it to hold it down and carried it outside. He pulled the towel back and the squirrel launched himself out of the box.

It was a good laugh. David's been calling them the Squirrel Patrol instead of Security Police since then.

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