Friday, March 20, 2009

a lot on my heart

I don't know where to begin.

God is calling us to holiness. True holiness. Not pretend holiness. I don't even know how to express everything. He's calling us to be separate, but still love. The only way to balance that is with Him. He's calling us to cut sin out of our life and mourn - not because we miss the sin, but because of it's existance at all. He is calling us to study the scripture and be ready. For what? Ready for His judgment.

I don't know who actually reads this blog, but He is calling us to get off the fence. Not to talk about it, but to get off. Be holy. Stand for holiness.

I'm not a prophet. I have been led to read some scripture and with direction have seen a pattern of the Lord's judgment. Every nation who turns God out gets judged. We are so slack and so comfy in our christianity, that it really can't be called christianity. We are called to so much more.

The United States has turned God out. The United States is being judged. And God's going to pour out His holy wrath. I don't fear the wrath anymore. I know He is holy and His holy wrath is justified. I trust Him. His wrath has never been poured out on His children, just the unrighteous.

I feel in my spirit the dusk of a day. The day's light is about to be out and the night is going to be upon us. I do not fear because I know that His joy comes with the morning!

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