Friday, October 15, 2010


I really wanna just type, but I need to be careful.

Today I have let my emotions take some control. It is not ok. I know who I am in Jesus and I can't let the cares of this world cloud out that understanding. No matter what things look like, I'm an overcomer. I'm the head and not the tail, the beginning and not the end. I'm blessed and highly favored of the Lord. God loves me as much as He loves Jesus.

I know I've typed all those things on here before, but I'm kinda' having a time of it today.

I allowed some sadness and discouragement in that should not have had any place at all. I know that my spirit is always joyful. I'm always happy and I know all things in my spirit. I guess part of what I need to be meditating on is that I am really who I am in my spirit, not this body. I need a revelation that I am my spirit and not my flesh. I think that's what's missing.

Wow, I can see some differences in how I need to think....

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