Sunday, September 07, 2008

This might get long....

I've been doing alot of thinking lately. That's scary, huh?

Anyway, it's time to really get real about rising up in my faith. It's more than that, really. I have been challenged. It's time to start spending regular time in my Bible and with God. I've got a schedule now where there's no real excuse, as if there ever really was an excuse. It's time to stop making excuses for unholy living. God doesn't make excuses.

It's scary to me how if you asked the average "Christian" who God is, they're happy to tell you how much God loves you and wants to "be there for you". I apologize if this offends somebody, but He is so much more than a God who catches us when we fall. That's not what it is all about. He calls us to holy lifestyles. He does not make excuses when we sin. He forgives, yes, but that is not a license to do whatever we want.

This post will probably be all over the place.

I'm sick of the pat you on the back Christianity that people live in. God forgives, yes. He loves, yes, but He's not just fire insurance.

I'm sick of an accepting lifestyle. God hates sin, it's that simple. He does not accept it. He does not allow us to just sit in it or keep on sinning because "everybody's human". (This is not meant to be judgmental.) I'm sick of Christians being embarrassed or quiet about their holy lifestyles. I'm not saying we need to be hard-nosed and ugly, but we can take a stand against sin in our lives.

God is not tolerant. No-matter what anybody says. He is forgiving, through Christ, but not tolerant. That is one of the hugest mistakes the Church is making (except for maybe the pre-trib rapture idea, but that's a different post). There are very clear directions in the Bible about removing sin from the Church. There are so many eschelons that this pertains to. Our bodies are the Temple, also the actual body of believers that is the Church. He gives us specific instructions about removing sin from both areas.

Another huge mistake is painting Christ as someone who just gives us warm fuzzies. He is love, but love is not a feeling or emotion. Affection is an emotion. Lust is an emotion. Love is not. Read 1 Cor 13. There is not anything about what Love is that feels. It's all action. The Bible paints a completely different picture of Christ. He is compassionate, yes, but he will be a warrior when he returns to Earth.

Enough for now.

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