Monday, April 20, 2009


We have the best kids, family and friends in the world.

I got a free day from my second two classes today (yay!).

I am not a writer - especially in reference to my History class.

My sweet husband is snoring on the couch.

My precious 2 year old is watching Blue slide down a slide and giggling.

I love 2 year old giggles.

My niece has a broken collar bone and arm (poor baby).

Joshua has an ear infection.

Jake and Cody are just fine.

I wish Emily were here.

I wish Trey were home.

I wish David could find a new job that he would be happy with and get satisfaction from.

I love my husband.

We finished up Romans in Bible study last night and are going to be going through John next.

I'm thinking Roma's pizza sounds really, really good for lunch!

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