Thursday, June 25, 2009


Is sleeping in his big boy bed!

I went into his room yesterday at naptime to get him because he was hysterical and he was in the process of climbing over, straddling the side of the crib. I thought it was a bit of a fluke and maybe he was just learning that, so didn't make a big deal of it, just ignored it.

Jenna was over and was getting his shoes on so we could take her home. She told him to go get some socks, so he went in there and just climbed right up and over the side of his bed to get the socks inside the crib.

So, I took the side off. Last night was his first night without it. He acted like I was strange. We took the bunk beds apart and put one twin on the floor for Emily. Well, it's not really on the floor, it's still the bed and frame, just not stacked. We took the mattress from the bottom bunk and slid it under Emily's bed. I took the side of the crib and scooted it in under the bed on top of the spare mattress.

I only had to put him back in bed 10 times last night. Literally. And a couple of the times, he had gotten under Emily's bed and pulled out the side to the crib and was trying to put it back on. I think he thinks I broke it?

Today's nap went alright also. He got up only 4 times and I ended up lying in Emily's bed so he wouldn't get up again and he went to sleep. So did I. Haha.

He's in bed now and did not get up one time, but that could have something to do with swimming today...which he's such a little fish!

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