Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I guess I'm here for my monthly post. haha. No, really...

Anyway, Joshua is sleeping in his big, big boy bed now. I took the crib down today. I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be. And he looked sooo proud when he crawled into the bed. He just makes my heart melt.

We moved Emily's bed over to Joshua's side of the room and Dad and Trey brought Karleigh's bed, which was Jacob's bed over for Emily. It's all set up and ready to go, but I have no clue where the shelves that go with Emily's bed are going to go. No clue.

This week has been a change of pace. Emily and Cody are gone to San Antonio until school starts when Cody will come back. School starts August 24. I have a friend's kids this week, but only this week. Last week, this week and next week, I've got another friend's baby for three days of the week. He's sweet. I'm glad I can't have any more. I like to hold him, but really, really don't want one.

Dena and I are going to take the little kids and go to Missouri August 10. I'm so super duper excited! I can't think of anybody I'd like to spend that much of a drive with (besides David). It normally takes 8 hours, but well, you know...it took us 13 when Josh was a baby. We'll see.

Oh, the biggest thing! David's going through the interview process with the Dallas Police Dept. I'm super excited for him! When he gets through all the red tape, he'll spend 8 months in the
Academy, then be a rookie for a while before he's cut loose as a cop. I think he'll love it.

We've been all over the place as far as churches go. We've been to Hope Fellowship on Sunday mornings, Vintage meetings on some Sunday nights, and have been once to Victory Life in Sherman on Saturday evening. We definitely plan to be at Victory Life as much as we can - it was awesome! Hope is really great too. Oh, and of course, CLA on Wednesday nights for youth group. Wow, we are church-hoppers. Our first commitment will be with Vintage, and then we'll hop after that. On top of all that, our Bible study is now going to be on Saturday nights every other weekend.

I'm gonna go peek in on Joshua...

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