Saturday, February 19, 2011


God is really showing me some stuff with fasting lately. He's using some really practical things in my life to show them to me, most of which I really can't put here.

When I'm fasting, I perceive so much more in the spiritual realm than I do when I'm not. I know that should be a no-brainer, but it's becaming a reality to me - not just head knowledge.

Fasting is showing the flesh that the spirit is in control. It's training it, so to speak, for spiritual dominion over it. It's practicing taking control over the flesh when it's not a crisis so that when there is a time when the spirit needs to be non-negotiably in control, the flesh is used to hearing its commands.

I really wish I was better at expressing myself when it comes to spiritual things. I know I'm not a teacher, and that the Holy Spirit will give me what I need in certain circumstances. He's done it before and will do it every time. Fasting opens up the realm of understanding. With the flesh subdued, I can see more clearly the things the Father is showing me.

The scripture (can't remember where it is now) that says "awake unto Righteousness" comes to mind. When I'm fasting, it seems that everything is brighter, crisper, easier to comprehend. It's like I've opened up a porthole to the spiritual realm by crucifying my flesh. I'm more awake unto the Righteousness that I am in Him.

It makes sense, really.

The FFP is really a lifestyle fast for me. It's not about my physical form. When I'm trying to change the physical, I can be successful for a time, but will always return to the ingrained way of thinking/living, with the flesh in control. As I allow the spiritual to dominate, my mind is renewed to walking in the Spirit and the physical just follows.

Just like in the Spirit, Soul and Body teaching - If you line up the soul and the spirit, the body follows. I will lose weight, but that's no longer of the utmost importance to me. I want to be awakened unto Righteousness - more and more each day. I know that fasting is one of the tools that God has given us to do just that. Two of the others are Communion and praying in the Spirit (tongues). When all three are combined regularly, well, just wow!

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