Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm at 15 pounds! Yay! I can tell such a difference. I'm in the "next size down" pants in my closet. I've got two more of "next size down" sizes in there before I'll have to go out and buy some clothes. I think that's fantastic.

I do not plan to keep the bigger sizes this time. I've always done that before and always yo-yo'd. I know that my mind is being renewed to correct eating and I'm not going back.

There is such a difference in me when it comes to eating. My body feels different and I am changing. My whole way of thinking is changing.

It's also trickling down into my family. I no longer buy junk snack foods at all. I don't buy soft drinks or sugary juices. I do get chips and salsa from the Whole Food Market. They aren't heavy chips and salsa eaters, so pretty-much only have it on nights we eat Mexican style foods. As we use the items that are not so good for you - like oils and such - I'm buying better for you foods.

I love it! My skin and hair look better and feel better than they have in years. As I am losing weight, I would expect my stretch marks to be looking worse, but they are actually looking better and better. I believe this comes from the berries in the smoothies and all the flax seed oil.

It's amazing how our bodies respond when we treat them as God created them to be treated.

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