Saturday, April 19, 2008


I missed the first baseball game ever I've had to miss of Jacob's. It was sad. I was sad. Josh was/is sick. He decided to puke last night all over the bath tub. It was nasty. Then he was up quite a bit last night and then became velcro baby today. I know he felt rotten. He threw up a little bit today and also has a fever.

The boys had a great time, though at their game. I took them down there and dropped them off and the coach brought them home. They lost 18-3, but Jake said Cody played better than ever. That's awesome! Jacob hit an RBI and Cody made a run. That means Cody gets to sleep in on Monday as late as he wants (reward for a hit). If they make a home run, they get to skip school for the day. It would be awesome if one of them did.

Tomorrow is Amy and Jeff's wedding. Hopefully Joshua will be ok to stay the evening with his grandparents while Dena and I go. Hopefully.

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