Friday, April 11, 2008

Tuesday night's game

I totally forgot to post about this! I'm an awful baseball mom!

The boys did great. Jake had two hits and got out once on third and once at home. Obviously this coach has not been informed that Jacob cannot steal home. One day maybe, but right now, it's just not a good idea. Cody struck out once and walked to first the other time at bat. They both played their positions well, but ended up tied with 9-9. Certainly not as bad as before. I actually didn't get to stay for the whole game. David stayed and I came home with Josh. The game started at 7:30 and went until a little after 9. I have no idea what I'm going to do on Monday - the game doesn't start until 8:10 and David has to work. It may just be a nightmare with Joshua. I don't know - we'll see. He might surprise me - maybe I'll try to get his nap really late that day so he'll be ok.

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