Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Josh did something new today.

Well, it wasn't really a milestone or anything, but it was fun for him.

He rode in the basket part of the cart for the first time. I actually stuck him in there just to keep up with him for a minute while I talked to the pharmacy tech, and he loved it so I left him.

But that wasn't the important part.

I put three gallons of milk in the cart with him and he kept saying "I got" while he was struggling to pick him up. I was just struck by how helpless he really is. He's so small, even though he's big for his age. He would be lost without parents. Then I started thinking about Jake and how it was not that long ago when he was sitting in a cart struggling to lift a gallon of milk. They grow up so fast. I know it's cliche', but they do. I can't believe Joshua's already 2 and I know I'll blink and another 2 years will have gone by and pretty soon, he'll be turning 13.

Then I went a step farther and started thinking of the analogy of God being a father to us. I wonder what he thinks about me while I sit in the small cart he's placed me in for my own protection (so I don't run off) and struggle to lift a gallon of milk that I really don't have to lift in the first place. Where would I be without Him? I'm truly as helpless as Joshua and like him, most of the time I just don't realize it.

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boltefamily said...

Good analogy! Isn't it crazy how quickly they grow up!? UGH! If only we could slow it down a bit!