Tuesday, January 20, 2009

school started today

I had my first A & P lab this morning. It went well, and I think I'll like it. I like the instructor and I hope I continue to like her. She was upfront about letting us know the class would be hard. That's ok.

After the lab, I met David at Joshua's doctor's office for his 2 year checkup. The doctor is concerned about the size of his head. He said the was growing on a proper growth curve until now when he spiked off the chart. Until now, he's had a big head, yes, but never an abnormal growth. He said he is concerned that Josh may have hydrocephaly - meaning water on the brain. Well, actually spinal fluid, but that's another name for the condition. He wants a CAT scan on Thursday to find out. He said it probably wasn't, but you know, when you tell a Mama that, there's no way she won't think about it. I know it's a precaution.

We've got some financial issues. It's beating us up. I'm so tired of this.

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