Sunday, August 01, 2010

Things are changing....

God is really revealing himself to me. I love it. I am so excited about it all of the time. I just don't understand why nobody else is getting all worked up. I mean, my husband and Dena, along with some people in our church, but just in general. I get so focused on Him and excited about what He's doing that I will absently just assume everybody else has to see the changes in everything too. Of course, it's my perception that has changed, not everybody else. I know that, but for a little bit at times, I'll forget that and just think everybody should see it.

Today he showed me that we have not been walking in His blessing. There is a difference in blessings and miracles. A miracle is by-product of sin. If we didn't get ourselves into a crisis, we wouldn't need miracles. People who see lots of miracles live crisis to crisis. Humph. We do need a few miracles right now, and we will see them. As we learn to understand His will, we will walk in His blessings and not need the miracles. That sounds so good! We have always had 'just what we need', but 'just what we need' is not walking in His blessing.

We started filling out our forms for Charis Bible College today. I'm so excited I'm about ready to pop.

God showed me that we need to head in the direction He is sending us and His provision is already there. Just like Elijah with the ravens, He will send the provision to our destination, not where we are sitting stagnant.

By renewing my mind and delighting in the Lord, my fear of the unknown is leaving. I'm standing on promises that He will deliver what He has conceived and brought forward. I've traded worry for excitement. I can't wait to see what God is going to do next!

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