Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I know, I'm strange

but I can be strange if I want to.

I've always, always, always loved cemeteries. I love how peaceful they are. There is one close to our house that I've always loved to go out and just sit in. Zion Cemetery's first burial was 1859. It's still active today, but is very small and quiet. I took a break yesterday and went out there for a bit. The sun was just right, so I took some pictures.


Jason J said...

You’re not strange. Those are some great pictures. Cemeteries are beautiful places, especial the ones that date back to the 1800’s. It is good you have a place to go to get away and relax every now and then. I wish more people would do the same.

Anna-ree said...

Hi there, I'm from the Siestas forum doing the No Other Gods bible study! I saw your post on there and thought I'd check out your blog! :c) As for this posting, I agree, you're not strange! I like looking at old cemeteries too! The old headstones - some are a hoot! Some are quite surprising...I also like looking at this website in case you've not seen it before - (the first time I got on it I couldn't stop looking around for hours!) www.findagrave.com
Now I've posted pages for my deceased husband, mom and dad in the non-famous section and it's a place I can go to leave a note for thoughts I'm having, wishes I want to leave and share. Anyway, I liked your other post/video with your son following his shadow on the fridge! How cute! Take care and God Bless!

Dena said...

wow - you've got some fans...whotwhot (fist clentched, and arm rolling round and round to the whotwhot sound..haha). So, I need to get away and go there! That picture of the broken one lying sideways is awesome! What a name too...Zion...God's picture for us of what Heaven is like when he describes it for us in our love letters from Himself. Well, I'm tired!! I miss you a billiongazilliontrillion bunches!!!!! I'm so busy at work, and busy at home. Life is too fast. I saw you called tonight, but K and I were fixin to walk in to church. Wow, and it was awesome!! Anywho - I love you, and I wanna come over and leave the kids w/whoever and go to that cemetary...haha :)

Dena said...

I said the above wrong..could'nt had been how tired I was. I am now, but this has been bothering me since I wrote it...haha! Anywho - Zion is God's picture of who we are (the church) not heaven. I guess in a sense it is heaven bc we (the church) will be untilmately eternally in heaven - 1000 year reigning...wow...can't wait!!!!