Sunday, June 08, 2008

a really nice weekend

We went to Wichita Falls to visit some friends. We haven't been there since March. Before that, we hadn't been there since October when we moved and then had my surgery. I wasn't in much of a visiting mood after the surgery, though, so we didn't stick around.

Friday, when David got off work, we headed to Chris and Mistie's house. David took a nap there and we hung out until after Dinner.

Our dear friends' daughter, Leah, turned 2 on Saturday, and Joshua was her honored guest. Actually, we were all named Joshua as far as Leah was concerned. Anyway, we ushered in her 2nd Birthday in style. She had a trip to Pizza Hut, a huge cookie cake and presents. And I forgot my camera (gasp!). It was like being nekkid! We had a wonderful time with Tim and Laura.

This morning, we went to church where we used to go. I loved seeing everybody and didn't realize how much I miss them until I saw them again. It was like visiting an old friend, but not like home anymore. After church, the guys went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and the girls took all 8 children through drive throughs and back to Mistie's house to hang out for a while. There were lots of babies!

I doubt we'll even go up there much after March. Most of our friends will either be PCS'd or separated by then and we won't have anybody to visit. I am very thankful to the Air Force for the friends we've made.

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