Wednesday, June 04, 2008

She's not supposed to ask to go to the pool.

So, she's found about 18,000 ways to NOT ask to go to the pool! HAHA!

"Sure would be a great afternoon to be at the pool."

"Jacob, wouldn't you just love it if Katie would take us to the pool?"

"I sure could be swimming right now."

"Isn't this just the cutest swimsuit, Katie? It's right here in my bag if I were to need it today."

"Those kids sure do look like they love that pool!"

"I bet Joshua would love to swim!"

I guess it's obvious that Karleigh's been here for a few days. She was instructed very carefully by Granny Becky that she is not to ask me if I'll take her to the pool. Her creative 6-year old mind has come up with many, many others besides what's listed here to suggest I take her without coming out and asking. I love that kid. Oh, and she's been to the pool twice since Sunday.

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