Monday, June 30, 2008

Maybe TMI? but still cute I think

The other day, I was putting up laundry in our closet. Joshua went running by me as fast as he could to the bathroom. He gets in there and slams the door (as usual). I'm so afraid he's going to lock himself in there that I've been practicing with picking the lock. haha. Anyway, I get to him and he's grabbed the toilet paper and pulled off a piece. When I opened the door, he pointed at his diaper and said, "Mom, poooooop". He squatted down in the bathroom and acted like he was wiping with the toilet paper. It was hilarious! He's been telling me lately when he needs his diaper changed. I'm hoping this is some sort of a sign that he'll potty train easily? Maybe that would make up for all the no-sleeping issues we had? Oh, I hope so!

Jacob is at Mom's until Wednesday when they'll bring him and Karleigh back to me. Mom and Dad leave Thursday for their summer vacation. They'll be gone at least two weeks. Cody and Emily come home tomorrow, so we'll have a full house. Trace will be here most days, so most days, we'll have 6 kids! I sure have appreciated and enjoyed the first half of this summer being so quiet. It's been nice.

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