Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm crazy...

Jayden, Jordan, Justin, Jacob, Joshua, Cody, Trace, Emily, Karleigh, Tori and Lizzie. We have a very, very full house. Right now, it's nap time, so the three youngest and Emily all are down. Hopefully Joshua will sleep for a few hours. He is still learning how to share his toys and his people. He's not sure about either, but he's trying.
Most of the other kids are gathered around a very lively game of chess in the dining room, and Cody's in his room being an "almost teenager", which we keep reminding him that an "almost teenager" is still 12. haha. He knows we're playing with him.
It's so great to have all the kids here. Joshua doesn't miss a beat with all of his own family (it's just when you add in all the rentals that he gets a little weird).
I don't know what we'll do tomorrow night, but I'm sure we'll take in some fireworks somewhere. On Saturday, we're going to Gainesville to check out their zoo with the Osterhouse's. Sunday, we're going to try to have another Bible study. We decided last week, that we don't have to skip Sundays if we don't want to. :-)

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