Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've posted before about Jacob's feet. My Mom and Dad took him shopping for some shoes for his trip to National's (more about that below). He has no tennis shoes to wear for all the walking around he'll be doing and would need some for school anyways, sooo...

They took him to a New Balance store to have him sized. Are you ready? 14WIDE!!! I am so in shock! He's only 12 years old. I know he's as tall as a grown man, but oh, my! I'm so very glad we live at a time where we can find shoes that size. My grandmother was telling me about taking my Dad for 14's and only had one store that carried them.

About National's (choir competition). I'm having some reality checks this week about thinking about watching my 12 year old get on a plane to Charlotte, NC without me. I know it's fine. He'll be one of two boys with the same chaperone, so he's not likely to get separated from the group. Plus, he's just level-headed anyway and would be able to get back where he needs to be if he did get separated. It's still mind-blowing to think of him going that far away. I don't know. I left him while I went to Europe for two weeks a few years ago, but he was with my parents. I had no problem with it. This is different. On top of everything else, he has to be at the airport at 5:15AM on Monday. That's insane.

It breaks my heart that Cody can't go. Maybe he'll get to next year. He's excited, though about football starting. I'm also going to try to get a friend of his down here from Wichita Falls. We had planned on him going up there, but with football, it's really not a good idea. Hopefully it will all work out. If not, we'll make it up to him somehow.

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