Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Jacob called last night. I was so happy to hear from him. He's so funny.

He said a 14 year old girl gave him her number. He gave it to Jackson and said, "Have fun". He said Jackson's eyes just lit up and he said, "Ohhh, yeah".

He talked nonstop for about 45 minutes. I'm so happy he's having a good time.

I do hate this for Cody, but I think he's ok. He is getting to play football now and wouldn't be able to if he had gone on the trip. I really don't think his Mom understands that we did not intend for this to be unfair or anything like that.

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She's So There said...

Hey girlie,
Can you send me an invitation to as well so I can get to you from either signin? Oodles to share after the last two weeks!
Shanna (Sweetie)