Monday, August 04, 2008

Jake's in Charlotte

We got up this morning at 3:45. It wasn't so bad. We were at the airport by 5. The Standout Youth Choir took over the AirTran ticket counter this morning. It was almost scary how many kids were there. I have seen them all together before, but not all spread out and together. I think the count was 60-some kids and 25 or so chaperones. Add all that to all the parents who were just checking their kids in and it was quite a few people.

Their plane left at 7 this morning and had a two hour layover in Atlanta. I'm not sure exactly what time they landed in Charlotte, but Jake called just before dinner to tell me that he was there and having a great time.

I hate this for Cody. I hate it that he couldn't be here for the stuff he needed to be to get to go. He keeps talking about next year, but he'll miss the practices before the trip, even if he's here for the fund-raisers. Then, the trip is during his time to be at his Mom's. Hopefully it can all work out. Also, football will be starting during his San Antonio visit next year. I know next year is our year to have the kids at the beginning of Summer instead of the end.

I'm thinking it's going to be a long night - Joshua's already crying....

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