Saturday, March 08, 2008

I wanted to post this before I forgot it...

It goes along with Joshua's pretending.

I went grocery shopping the other day. When we go to Walmart, everything that makes it into the basket has to pass inspection by Josh. If it's too heavy for him to hold, I just sit it next to him for a bit, then move it to the cart. If he can pick it up, I just let him toss it over. I used to be very organized in my cart while shopping - no more. Everything is pretty-much tossed in now.

Anyway, I set a bottle of gel for the boys hair next to him, the kind with a pump on top. He sat there for quite a while acting like he was pumping it and then rubbing it all over his hands and arms. The only thing I can think of that he sees that's a pump is his baby wash. It was adorable. After he tired of the gel, he tossed it over and I put a tub of butter next to him. It was kinda big and he couldn't pick it up. He tried and then leaned over it acting like he was going to lick it. He popped back up, shook his head no and then acted like he was using his hand to scoop some out and lick it off. He is so cute with this new way to play.

His new favorite phrase is "oooh, wow!" He likes to look out the back door and say that over and over. It started with the snow day and him copying me saying it. He's way too cute!

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