Sunday, March 30, 2008


I know I post alot about Joshua, but Jacob's really been on my mind alot lately. It seems like he's changing so very much all of a sudden. For a while it was like I had a little boy and I'd see glimpses of a teenager. Now it's opposite. He's more like a teenager and I see little glimpses of the little boy he used to be. Where's my little boy going? I have been having so much fun with the teenager Jacob, though. He's so grown. Pretty soon I'll start seeing only teenager and glimpses of the man he'll be. That's a scary thought. But it seems like when Jake was Josh's age, being a teenager seemed so far away and not really anything to think about. It's scary how quickly they grow up. I don't wanna miss anything with either of them.

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Mrs. Gunning said...

Aw! I am so scared, excited, happy, sad.... about when my little one grows up and becomes a woman. She already asks, "When I turn 6, will I be a teenager then?" And I want to laugh and cry all at the same time. Time does fly by,
I added you to my "Delightful Blogs" list on my sidebar. :D
God's blessings!