Monday, May 26, 2008

A couple of thoughts from the last few days

I had this all typed out and then Blogger lost it. Hopefully I can get it out again like it was before.

I have been watching Joshua dance alot lately. He's so excited to hear music - he gets this funky indian rain dancing thing going. Soooo cute! Anyway, as I posted before and lost it, I wish I could find that abandonment when I worship. I picture little children like Joshua dancing funky rain dances before God's throne and God absolutely loving it. I know that my inhibitions come from myself and are things I have to work through, but I want to feel that freedom. We're working on it, and will get there.

Another thing that's been in my head comes from the movie Cars. Joshua seems to have picked this movies as a favorite and wants to watch it ALL THE TIME. There is a rusty old truck in the movie named Fred who gets so excited when Lightning McQueen and another famous racecar know his name (which is on his license plate), that he forgets to listen to what they are saying to him. He just falls all over himself with the "he knows my name! he knows my name! Lightning McQueen knows my name!" I know that sometimes I get so excited when I hear God speak my name, that I just don't hear past that. I want to hear His message, but don't want to lose the wonder of God knowing my name.

I wish I were a better writer.

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She's So There.... said...

I wish I could trust with abandon ....its so hard for me to continue to trust when the alley gets dark and scarey....but trust and faith is the work our God requires...and for that I am thankful...for worthiness I would be absolutely failed forever.

Which tracker did you find, I am looking for that.

I enjoy your writing....and I so thoroughly covet your prayers, we so need them.