Friday, May 02, 2008

it's been a whole week

I usually don't go that long without updating.

Emily went home on Tuesday evening. I think she had a really nice visit. I sure do wish she could just stay. David emailed her mom about that and she has yet to respond. When we moved last time, she said that she would re-consider wherever we lived - as long as we were in a good neighborhood and a good school district. Emily has expressed repeatedly to us that she would like to live here. I'm praying for God to soften her mom's heart to let her eventually. We've suggested several things we'd be more than happy to take care of and do to make it easier for her. We'll see. It's all up to God, really, anyway.

The boys had a game on Wednesday that they lost 18-0. Not a good trend. Tonights game was 11-3 I think. They did much better. I sure would love to see Jake get one of his really great hits. He seems to be in a slump where hitting is concerned. I think it's kinda' my own fault because I haven't gotten him to the batting cages at all - with or without the team.

Hopefully Joshua will sleep well tonight. We had a rough night last night and he got to bed really late tonight, which usually isn't a good thing, but he's out right now so we'll see.

Ok, I'm off to bed with Karleigh. She's been here since yesterday and will go home tomorrow. She's good company at a baseball game.

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