Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have done so much of it the past several days, my head is swimming! I went into Cody's room to get it ready for company and it was crazy in there! He had stuff stuffed everywhere. I'm not surprised, he's a 12-year old boy, but it was still nuts. I took everything off his top bunk and threw it into his closet. Then I fished all the clothes out from under his bed and threw them in the closet. I stripped/washed his bedding and put it back on. The girls who slept in there used a sleeping bag on the top bunk and his bedding on the bottom. I decided I'd tackle all the stuff in his closet today. I pulled it all out and probably have about 10 loads of laundry to go. Once I get done washing everything, I'll head back in there for all the trash/broken stuff. Hopefully he'll be happy when he comes home to a nice, clean bedroom.

Jacob's was tackled right after Cody left, but it still has a ways to go. I'll get in there and help him too, when he comes back from Mom's, or better yet, once I get done washing all of Cody's stuff.

I hit Emily and Joshua's room yesterday and cleaned out/organized alot of Emily's toys. I'm so glad she has things here so that she feels like it's her room. Joshua's stuff is mostly in the living room in a bucket, so I try to keep it pretty organized for him. He mostly just sleeps/changes in their room. I do need to get through the dresser again so that she has a place for her clothes when she's here for the summer.

Once they start school, I'm sure I'll take care of washing their clothes again for them - if nothing else, out of self defense. I can't stand stuff stuffed everywhere and I know they're both at a point where they'll appreciate it.

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