Monday, May 19, 2008

David got an interesting call today. A while back, he sent an application in to another freight company. They called him today about an interview. There is so very much to consider because it might require a move. They are all over the southeast U.S. The farthest west they come is Dallas. It wouldn't require quite as much thought if he were offered a comparable position in Dallas - he wouldn't have to deal with the Teamsters, so it would basically come down to money and benefits. We'll see. Maybe that will be the answer to the $$ prayers we've been having. I hate not being able to do alot with the kids and all they hear is "we can't afford it". They're such good kids, though, and don't really complain. Thank God for good kids!

I'm thankful for my husband. I know God has used the things he's been through to make him who he is and I get the benefits of that. God does that with everybody who'll let him. Thank you, God, for my teachable, loving, sweet husband.

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