Sunday, January 20, 2008


The boys are starting choir at church. I'm really excited about it, but chewing my bottom lip on the cost and scheduling conflicts. It's gonna be rough to pull it off if we can do it. They both had to be dragged kicking and fussing to the introductory meeting today, but both had a huge bounce in their steps when we were leaving. We've got to pull it off somehow. They will have district competitions in May and then go on to nationals in Charlotte, NC in August (when they make it through district). There will be lots of fundraisers to off-set the cost, but we're still on a pretty tight budget around here. It's also going to conflict with baseball. I don't know about that one. We'll just have to be praying about everything as we go.

David was awesome for me today. He had Josh just about all day. Josh and I were up until 4 this morning, so he let me sleep until 12:30. It was nice. Then Josh stayed with David while I went to the boys' meeting. He got him a bath and dinner! I was really excited about all that.

Anyway, off to getting homeschool stuff ready for the week.

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