Sunday, January 06, 2008


We had Josh's birthday party this weekend. It was alot of fun for him. It's really nice to be in a house where we can have company and it's not too crowding.

Tim and Laura came on Friday night and stayed until this morning. Yesterday, we had hot dogs, cake and ice cream for Joshua. He had his own little "smash" cake. He loved it! He went straight to the bath tub when he finished.

I'm really, really tired. I feel sometimes like I never, ever quit going. I almost don't know how to anymore. One day I will though.

Joshua has decided that his stint of sleeping through the night is now over. He was up crying quite a bit on Friday night and then last night, we rocked from 11:30-1:30. He was just happy to be lying on Mom rocking. The last two nights may have had something to do with the fact that he wasn't in his bed. He was in the pack-n-play in our room. I kinda' like him in here sometimes.

Karleigh spent the night with us last night. She didn't have any clothes, so she wore Joshuas! I'll put pics on here when I get them uploaded. It was too funny! She is adorable. Dad and Trey came to get her this afternoon.

Emily had to go home today. I will miss her. It is nice, however, to be getting back to normal from Christmas break. I'll start the boys with their school tomorrow. It will be nice to be back to our quiet days.

Alright, I'm done.

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