Thursday, January 03, 2008

a little vent

Ok. I know that there is really no divorced situation that is ideal. I just don't understand making things more difficult than they need to be.

I emailed David's ex-wife to figure out how we are going to handle Spring Break. Last year, she took Cody for a week and then we had Emily for a week. I asked if she wanted Cody the week before Spring Break or the week after so we could plan for Jacob's extra week off of school. She replied that Emily wouldn't be coming up here because the decree said she had them for Spring Break this year. I don't understand why she's being like that. She said she didn't want Cody to stay home all day alone. Ok. It's never stopped her from taking him extra time before? I have never been one for tit for tat, but it's so tempting right now. I won't do that though.

The worst part is, it just hurts the kids. It just hurts Emily to not have that time with Cody and her Dad - not to mention she doesn't get to see Josh.

I know the answer is to pray for her. I know that I need to be above reproach in this situation. I just don't understand ugliness for the sake of ugliness - especially when it is just ugliness to the kids. It's hard to be nice.

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