Monday, January 28, 2008

a good weekend

Mistie, Heather and Cherene came up for the night last night. I took the big boys to Mom's to spend the night and go to church with them this morning. We went to eat at Friday's and then to the mall last night. Joshua has never been to a big mall before and spent most of the time in there just looking at everything he could see. He loved it! They went to church with me this morning and that was really good too. Josh stayed in the nursery THE WHOLE TIME! Yay! He wasn't happy about it, though, but we'll get there one day. We went to eat Mexican food after church, hung out here for a bit and they went home. I sure do miss having Mistie right there. They are such good friends. I don't know Heather well, but like her alot. Cherene is absolutely precious and I miss knowing she's close also. I certainly don't miss much about Wichita Falls, but I do dearly miss our friends there. I know that they'll all be moving in the next couple of years though, so that makes it a bit easier.

We need some friends here. I'm gonna see if we can make it to a hometeam next week. Sunday night is when they will be having them. I don't know how that will go over with David's Superbowl plans, but I'm gonna see what we can do...

I'm off to bed.

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