Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I was thinking of a resolution to keep up with my daily devotions. HA-HA! I have since realized that I won't keep up with them because of a resolution. I have to desire the time spent with God. I'm praying for that. I hate feeling stagnant. I want to desire Him again with my whole heart - not just in lipservice. My husband gave me a devotional book for Christmas. You know, one of those "one for every day" devotions. I love him for it. He is lovingly trying to direct me to spending time like I should - even if it's just the 5-10 minutes pondering these devotions. He knows they'll lead to me searching God's Word for clarification of something I've read or something that is led to by something I've read.

I love the way God woo's me. I love that he puts little things in my day to remind me that he exists. I pray that He prick my heart when I see them and remind me of where they come from.

Anyway, the devotion for today starts with "An exalted view of God brings a clear view of sin and a realistic view of self". Wow. Think on that a minute. If I'm comparing myself to other "christians", I appear pretty "christian-like". But, if I for one minute, compare myself to Christ - Wow, I stink pretty badly. I mean, I smell rotten - rotten like sin. Just like Isaiah - my only response can be, "Woe is me!"

That's some heavy thinking for bedtime....

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