Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the sauna

Is my new best friend! I absolutely love it. I like the gym, but it's the sauna that makes the trip for me. I wake up looking forward to it and trying to scheme my way there. I am so happy about this membership. I keep thinking if I just make sure I do my best to go every day and don't look to yesterday or tomorrow, I'll get there. I do think I need to get there earlier in the day than yesterday (about 5:30) because I don't go to sleep well at bedtime. I feel so good and relaxed that I just want to hang out, not sleepy at all. Late gym trips on nights when David work tend to feed my addiction to reading blogs, though. I stayed up entirely too late last night.

On another note, I started weight watchers today. I will get through all of this. I am motivated, but not over-enthusiastic, which I think is good because enthusiasm fades. I'm tired of how I am right now and am determined to change it. I'm gonna see if I can round up a recruit to hang out with Josh and go right now.

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